Guangdong’s First CHINA RAILWAY Express Train for Import Arrives at Shilong

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  At 10:30 on August 8th, the CRE train (from Belarus to Guangdong), loaded with 1,500 tons of Belarusian logs and other materials, arrived at Shilong Railway International Logistics Center, a branch of China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. after nearly a month's journey. This is Guangdong’s first CRE train for import cargoes, and it marks the realization of cargo transportation in opposite directions by CRE trains.

  The train crosses Europe-Asian Continent and enters China through Manchuria Port, with a total operation mileage of 11,884 kilometers. Taking full advantage of the railway service network covering the whole world and the capability of the whole chain logistics services, this CRE train for importing cargoes will provide Guangdong customers who purchase imported goods with high-quality international one-stop logistics services and convenient transportation.

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