Railway Freight Volume Exceeds 100 Million Tons in Xinjiang This Year

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  On September 6th, China Railway Urumqi Group Co Ltd’s freight volume of this year exceeded 100 million tons, passing the 100-million-tons milestone 51 days earlier than last year.

  CR Urumqi spares no effort in completing difficult task of increasing the freight volume, starting with strengthening marketing and optimizing the transportation organization, while focusing on key projects such as the transportation of coal and metal ores. They increased their marketing efforts, organized personnel to survey key customers, and visited 750 enterprises and customers in accordance with the "one enterprise, one policy, one document" principle; they set up 4 teams, respectively targeting coal, steel, chemical, agricultural and sideline products based on the transportation demand, and promoted project implementation in each team; Thanks to their measures like total cost accounting and flexible capacity allocation for low and peak seasons, customers gained more initiative in the transport of their goods, which greatly increased the average daily container traffic.

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