First Special Cross-border Rail-sea Intermodal Train Originated on "New Land-Sea Corridor"

?Published:2019-09-10 ?【字体:??

 At 10:30 on September 2, the first special cross-border rail-sea intermodal container train was originated on the “New Land-Sea Corridor” at Tuanjiecun Station in Chongqing. All the goods onboard the train were transported in railway containers, including automobile parts, electronic products, among others. After arriving at Qinzhou Port, they would be exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Railway containers has a big role to play in the transport of foreign trade goods on “new land-sea corridor”, bringing the “same container” exporting service to the broader hinterland and attracting more inland customers to export goods overseas through the corridor to achieve win-win results.
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