Dynamic Testing of Haoji Railway Begins

?Published:2019-08-26 ?【字体:??

  Dynamic testing began on August 19th on the Haoji railway (formerly known as the Menghua railway), the world's longest heavy-haul railway project under construction, to perform comprehensive test on the track, communication, signaling, OCS and other systems.

  The 1813.544km-long Haoji railway, with a designed top speed of 350 km/h and an annual capacity of 200 million tons, is a new national strategic corridor for transporting the coal resource north to south. It features high locomotive traction power and heavy return current at the traction substation, with a maximum traction current reaching 2300A. Silver-copper alloy contact wire with better conductivity is used for the OCS, which assures more superior traction capability of the locomotive.

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