Beijing South Station

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  Beijing South Station is located to the north of Liangshui River at the junction of Xicheng District, Dongcheng District and Fengtai District. Serving as the departure station and terminal station of both Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway and Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, Beijing South Station is honored as ‘the first station of China’s high speed railway’.

  Tracing back to its origin, the station was renamed Yongdingmen Station in 1902. As Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway opened to traffic on August 1st, 2008, the new Beijing South Station was formally put into operation and became China’s first modern large-scale integrated transport hub of high standard. The station building consists of five layers including overhead waiting hall, platform track floor, transfer hall and subway line 14. There are three layers above ground and the platform is on the ground floor.

  Beijing South Station has 24 arrival and departure tracks. With more than 5000 seats, the station can accommodate up to ten thousand passengers waiting for trains at the same time.

  Beijing South Station has a special team which provides services for the elderly, young, sick, disabled, pregnant and other passengers in need. The team is named after Zhang Runqiu, a national model worker. Beijing South Station has won several honors including ‘Capital’s Advanced Unit of National Security Work’, ‘Model Home of Workers in Railway System’, ‘Advanced Basic-level Party Organization of CHINA RAILWAY’, etc.

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