Number of Container Wagons Loaded of National Railways Hits New Single-day High

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  Good news came with railway container transport while passenger transport in summer vacation wrapped up. On September 6th, the number of container wagons loaded of national railways reached 27906, hitting a single-day new high.

  CR actively adapts to economic restructuring and upgradation and freight development tendency, strives to develop container transport while safeguarding mass goods transport and boosts freight traffic volume by adopting new open top containers. Currently, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (CR) successively puts 34 thousand open top containers purchased early into use, triggering an obvious growth of freight traffic volume. CR will purchase additional 30 thousand open top containers in a bid to meet the needs of market. CR branch companies, in accordance with CR’s unified deployment, vigorously promote freight transport by open top containers, exploit supply of goods and relative projects and endeavor to enhance transport efficiency.             

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