Freight Service Channels and Processes

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Except for the goods prohibited by laws and regulations, all logistics requirements put forward by customers are included in the scope of railway logistics services and accepted without distinction of goods category, volume, weight, batch, delivery time limit, loading requirements and means of delivery. The railway has opened up a variety of business acceptance platforms such as website, mobile services, telephone, on-site staff service and so on. Customers can put forward logistics demands without leaving their homes, and enjoy logistics services anytime, anywhere, conveniently and in time.    


1. China Railway Freight Online Service Center 

2. Online integrated transaction and logistics services 

Mobile services: 

3. APP 

4. WeChat official account 


5. 95306: Customer service hotline 

6. Telephone service of freight outlets 

On-site staff service: 

7. Freight outlets 

8. Door-to-door service of railway logistics customer support staff 

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