Brief introduction of freight transport business

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  The railway is competitive for its large capacity, low tariff, all-weather operation, safety, environmental friendliness and wide distribution of terminals and stations. To meet the needs of customers, CHINA RAILWAY provides truckload, container, bulk cargo express, international combined transport and other freight services.

  1. Truckload transportation

  Truckload transportation is the movement of large amounts of homogeneous cargo, generally the amountnecessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container. It is mainly used for the transportation of bulk commodities such as coal, petroleum, ore, steel, coke, grain, chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, cement, etc., and is also suitable for the transportation of bulk goods such as plastic products, metal products, industrial machinery, household appliances, fruits and vegetables, food and beverage products, textiles, paper products, stationery, pharmaceuticals, ceramic tiles, plates, etc. with a weight of over 30 tons or a volume of over 60m3. The truckload transportation is the main mode of railway transportation.

  2. Container transportation

  Container transportation has advantages like standard operation, fast loading & unloading, high safety of goods, easy handover, etc. It is the main mode of multimodal transport and also a key development trend of freight transport in China. The business modes of railway container transportation include railway/water combined transportation, international combined transportation, inland railway/road combined transportation, etc., which can provide door-to-door transportation and whole-process logistics services for customers.

  3. Bulk cargo express

  For batch bulk cargo express, a batch of goods weighing less than 30 tons and a volume of less than 60m3 can be handled at bulk cargo express; for non-batch bulk cargo express, if it is insufficient for a truckload, it can be handled at bulk cargo express, except for the following circumstances:

   (1) Goods in bulk and stack; (2) hazardous goods, out-of-gauge and overweight goods and lengthy goods; (3) animals and perishable goods that need refrigeration and heat preservation; (4) Dirty goods that are prone to pollute other goods; (5) military transportation, international combined transportation, and goods that need to be transshipped between the meter gauge railway and standard gauge railway; (6) goods for which loading and unloading are done on special sidings (special railways); (7) goods expressly prohibited from transportation by national laws and regulations and (8) other goods not suitable for bulk cargo transportation.

  4. International combined transportation

  International combined transportation refers to the whole-journey railway transportation in which railway companies in different countries cooperate in cross-border freight service using one transport document and jointly sharing the transport responsibilities. For the relevant provisions on handling international combined transport, please refer to the Agreement on International Railroad through Transport of Goods and its Detailed Rules. China's railways can handle international combined transportation with the following countries: Mongolia, Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iran and other Asian and European continental countries.

  In order to fully release the potential of the logistics channel on the new Silk Road Economic Belt, China Railway has made every effort to build "fast, punctual, safe, stable, green and environmentally friendly" China-Europe and China-Asia Freight Trains. Thanks to its features of short distance, fast speed, high safety, environmental protection and free from the influence of natural environment, such freight trains have become the backbone mode of land transportation in international logistics.

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