The First Anniversary of "Caijiaya" Train Operated by China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd.

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On June 21, 2018, China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd. put two pairs of "Caijiaya" passenger trains into operation between Xingxian County, an old revolutionary base area, and Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, according to the unified arrangement of CHINA RAILWAY, ending the history of no passenger trains operated in Xingxian County. Over the past year, the "Caijiaya" train has safely transported 1.36 million passengers, with an average daily passenger flow volume of nearly 3,800.   

After "Caijiaya" train was opened to traffic, Zhang Ruiqing opened a store in Taiyuan to sell his own potatoes, wild vegetables and native eggs. "It only cost RMB 30-odd to go to Taiyuan", which is convenient for him to travel between Caijiaya and Taiyuan as taking a bus. "Xingxian County was once listed as one of the 35 state poverty counties in Shanxi Province," said Shi Jian, head of the working team of Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd. in Caijiaya. “In the tough battle against poverty, a special planting plan has been implemented here, including high-quality minor coarse cereals, Chinese herbal medicines, potatoes, edible fungi, etc." The "Caijiaya" train is like a mobile advertisement. The agricultural products with the brands of "Caijiaya" and "Mountain Flowers in Full Bloom" are getting well known by more and more people. Many villagers have also started e-commerce service, and they are getting better offday by day. "Caijiaya" train, therefore, is called as the train full of hope and happiness by local people. 

"Caijiaya" train not only drives the local tourism, but also attracts many people from the provincial capital to come for leisure and vacation. On weekends, they take the "Caijiaya" train here to wander on the bank of the Yellow River and through green fields, purchase native products and enjoy the natural fresh air, which has become a new fashion. "Caijiaya" train has played a positive role in promoting red tourism and all-round tourism in Xingxian County. According to the statistics, over the past year since the "Caijiaya" train was put into operation, Xingxian County, which has a population of only 300 thousand, has received 1.2149 million tourists, with a tourism revenue of RMB 1.013 billion.  

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