Bright Moon Shining on Platform

?Published:2019-09-26 ?【字体:??

 ■Bi Xuelin

  In nighttime, the maintenance workers hold signal lamps

  Together with the pals holding checkpoint hammers

  Stride over the station tracks

  Among the dragon-like train cabins

  They use fingers to play

  The never lonely melody

  The bright moon above the platform

  Like a silent tree

  With shrouding leaves

  Stands there motionlessly

  As a beacon

  To indicate the directions of trains

  Looking into the hope ahead

  Leaving behind the hardship

  The station and signal operators

  Select a path to far away

  Then settle down for a life

  The horns are wailing

  To break the quietness of moonlight

  High-density compact documents

  Are transferred seamlessly at night

  Any sorrow and fatigue

  Can be refreshed by moon and lamps

  The signal workers focus on rail readings

  Together with the pals holding checkpoint hammers

  Walk through the crispy sound of iron striking

  In all the service regions and workshops

  Their silhouettes appear everywhere

  That gives every lonely night

  A sentiment of passion

  The moon is always wordless

  She keeps in mind

  All stories of platform and station

  The moon is keen on

  The workers at nighttime

  With arduous efforts

  With dazzling enthusiasm and perseverance

  Collecting and cherishing

  Their speed and ambition

  Into the time capsule

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