Nice Moments of Commuting

?Published:2019-09-26 ?【字体:??

  ■Fan Heng

  Commuting is regular among railway workers and it may range between dozens to hundreds of kilometers. For long-range commuting, workers may go home every other week while daily commuting is possible for shorter ranges.

  Many of my colleagues commute as I do. Some commute only for a couple of years and some commute for a whole career until retirement. When on board the train, I usually sit beside window silently and see the time flying over the changing seasons, swirling clouds, blossoming flowers, and the lush mountains, lucid water, vast fields and villages all along the rails. In the days of commuting, I have witnessed the rapid evolution of time.

  Days go by slowly in the commuting hours and I am more aware of the meaning of life in the commuting days. 

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