Aspen alongside the Railway

?Published:2019-08-22 ?【字体:??

 By Wang Qijun

  For decades, you have been living alongside the railway

  Growing in silence day after day

  The two-story building of the police station

  Lives in your everlasting shade

  You are in full blossom when spring returns

  In the scorching sunshine of summer

  You unfold all the green leaves

  Creating a green shade for the police

  They hurry out to deal with emergency cases

  You watch the police car roaring off

  In your blessing and expectation

  They return in triumph

  You cheer and chant for them, with all your strength

  Sometimes you peer into the building, only to have a glimpse of the industrious police

  In earnest, you hope to stick your branches into the windows

  Without disturbing the police who are working meticulously

  You might feel a little bit guilty when autumn comes

  Since the weather-beaten leaves are starting to fall

  When strong wind howls in winter

  You try your best to shed the leaves

  You have the fortitude and spirit of police

  When a nocturnal train sets off

  Your stout body glisten in the light of the building

  You stand upright lonely, in the cold wind after the snow

  You stand guard for every train and loyal policeman

  Without complaint or regret

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