Railway Embraces Land, Echoing the Footprint of Time

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The railway sector enjoys the tradition of artistic creation. The HS trains running on the grand railway network of eight east-west and eight north-south HSR corridors connect all corners of the country. The extending rail tracks, the high speed Fuxing trains, the railway workers chasing their dreams...the artists of railway turn their focus to the evolving railways in China that give them endless aspirations. They use their pens and brushes to capture every unforgettable moment of railway development, and deliver excellent works with characteristics of the times.  

These magic paintings showcase the beauty of grandeur of Fuxing train running on the vast land of China, of landscape and of warm humanity. These artworks also represent the recognition of hardworking railway workers of the booming railway industry.  

These grass-root railway workers are contributing to the grand 98th anniversary of founding of Communist Party of China with these remarkable artistic gifts.  



























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