Song of Dreams

?Published:2018-09-18 ?【字体:??

■ Liu Huiping

Every time I boardthe high-speed railway train,

I am joyful.

Those past stories

about train riding

are often lingering on my mind.

Restless in those years,

I wanted to go everywhere.

I saved money and bought a train ticket,

to see how beautiful the outside world was.

A long railway line,

connects me

and the nice things in my dream.

Day and night,

the trains ran ceaselessly,

and time flies.

The locomotive in old days,

was replaced by CR trains.

my teenage dreams

are fulfilled in the fast running.

Thoughts occurred to me in instant moments,

as the train already stopped at the destination.

High-speed railways

shuttle in the eyes of harmony

and run in the renewed hope.

Like the 365 dusks and dawns, the memories never die.

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