The Messenger Galloping to Tomorrow

?Published:2018-08-01 ?【字体:??

Pan Zhikui


In the blink of an eye, a city

Or the shadow of a cloud

Goes into the past

Who accelerates the time

To help me get through chilly March easily   

On the way to tomorrow

EMU seize every minute      

In this enthusiastic season

Blowing steam whistle

Is the only password 

It ignites the inner kindling of plants

And makes drooping willows

Cannot help sprouting

Peach blossom knows the secret

And lays its idea hidden in the Winter

On the branch in the Spring

With rain and sunshine

It dances the ballet of Spring

Among mountains and waters  

Much happiness about youth

Comes with EMU

EMU sends leaves back to branches

Spring to muds

And activates each dormant seed

To get green

Emu gallops on the railway

At the speed of 350km/h

And light up the scenery along the railway

A lyric wind

Brings Spring back

EMU drive into the distance 

On the vast land

Running with dream

Impossible is nothing

EMU travel extensively

Their reputation is widely eulogized

By kind cuckoos

From a station to a station

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