A hundred CHINA RAILWAY Express train (Wuhan) operated this year

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At 22:29 on July 12th, the X8015/8016 train composed of 50 cars departed from the Wujiashan station of Hanxi rolling stock depot and headed for Duisburg in Germany via the Alataw pass. This is the 100th CHINA RAILWAY Express train operated by China Railway Wuhan Group Co Ltd this year and also the 670th since operation of the first CR Express train on October 24th, 2012. The CR Express service of China Railway Wuhan Group Co Ltd covers more than 60 cities in 28 countries like Moscow, Russia, Hamburg, Germany and Lyon, France and is still expanding its radiation scope. 

With more and more trains in operation, the good exported are also becoming more diversified, including automobile and components, intelligent equipment, local products, fruits and cultural products instead of the traditional electronic products, driving the development of local regions. In the meanwhile, imported goods include the timber of Russia, German beer, French wine other than mechanical product and automobile components, which improved the people’s life quality. 

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