CHINA RAILWAY Express (Lianyungang to Almaty) Launches a New Mode for Rail-Air Intermodal Transport

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At 0:15 on July 5, CHINA RAILWAY Express (CRE) X9014, the first CRE freight train for rail-air intermodal transport in the Yangtze River Delta region, left the China-Kazakhstan Logistics Cooperation Base. After the train arrived in Almaty, Kazakhstan, part of the goods continued to be transported by local flight to Istanbul, Turkey. 

The CRE freight train from Lianyungang to Turkey, since open to traffic in November 2015, has gained recognition and attention from the customers in China and other countries with its advantages such as short transit time, high efficiency and meticulous service. In March of this year, China, Kazakhstan and Turkey jointly explored a new mode for rail-air intermodal transport. The goods bound for Europe, are first transported by a CRE freight train originating from Lianyungang to Almaty, Kazakhstan, and then transported to Istanbul, Turkey by Turkish Airlines flights. In this way, the overall transit time is only about 9 days, one week shorter than that of a full CRE journey. 

The goods of this rail-air intermodal transport, all of which are daily necessities bound for Turkey, filled a total of two standard containers. To ensure a safe and efficient cross-border “transfer” of goods, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has closely coordinated with all parties involved in railway security check, container selection, and cargo containerization plan, etc. 

After launching a new mode for rail-air intermodal transport, the CRE (Lianyungang to Almaty) will help accelerate the development of intermodal transport in Lianyungang, providing important guarantee for the high-quality and scale operation of CRE freight trains operated in the area. 

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