CR Express (Zhengzhou) to ASEAN opens

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  On December 7, China Railway Container Transportation Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Station was crowded with people who were witnessing the launch of CR Express (Zhengzhou) to the ASEAN countries. This outbound train will go south all the way, exit the country via Pingxiang Railway Port of Guangxi and reach Hanoi, Vietnam.

  The CR Express (Zhengzhou) to ASEAN is the third transnational corridor following the CR Express (Zhengzhou) to Europe and to Central Asia, and also represents the fourth outbound transport direction to the ASEAN countries in the south after CR Express (Zhengzhou) runs to the east Asia-Pacific region based on a railway-highway-maritime transport model, and to the west via Alataw Pass of Xinjiang and to the north via Erlianhaote of Mongolia. Thanks to CR Express based in Zhengzhou city, a sound transport layout that connects China with the rest of the world has been shaped up.

  The CR Express (Zhengzhou) train to Vietnam, one of the ASEAN members, is loaded with  mechanical equipment and electronic products, and when it comes back, it will carry fruits, rice, dried fruits and aquatic products. After routine operation, its service will expand to all the ten ASEAN countries. 

  From January 1 to December 7 this year, total 680 CR Express (Zhengzhou) trains were in service carrying 315,000 tons of cargos, achieving a year-on-year growth of 48%.


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