CR Express (Zhengzhou) initiates fresh food import business

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  On January 22, CR Express (Zhengzhou) X8006 loaded with quality beef from Belarus arrived at Putian Station of CR Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd., initiating the fresh food import business .

  As the strategic coordination deepens during the implementation of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, the cooperation between China and the BRI countries are strengthening and more and more quality products arrive in China via CR Express (Zhengzhou).

  Belarus is an important country along “the Belt and Road” and its developed animal husbandry industry guarantees premium beef. This was the first batch of beef imported from Belarus by CR Express (Zhengzhou) after the two countries signed the Protocol on Inspection, Quarantine and Veterinary Hygiene Requirements for Beef Imported from Belarus to China for Human Consumption in 2017. It is learned that this batch of beef was delivered by CR Express (Zhengzhou) through full-course cold chain. The carrier applies GPS for remote temperature control of deepfreeze and 24-hour monitoring of beef status to ensure a stable refrigeration environment.

  In 2018, total 752 CR Express (Zhengzhou) trains were operated and 347,000 tons of cargos were delivered, both train quantity and freight volume hitting a new high. At present, CR Express (Zhengzhou) has achieved routine operation with 9 outbound trains and 8 inbound trains every week. Yanghua, chief of Putian Station said, “Foreign goods become available for the Chinese to decorate our traditional Spring Festival thanks to the CR Express (Zhengzhou)”.

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